Being a craftsman nowadays stands out from our society's rhythm, as we tend to industrialize and fasten the technical process of creation. Jan Bartos is one of those craftsmen living in Paris and his very own speciality is violin making. Jan spends his days carving wood and assembling the pieces with the highest degree of precision. This meticulousness requires great patience in order to shape an intrument, as he indeed realizes up to six violins a year.

I discovered his workshop in September 2016, located in the third discrict of the capital. Immediately fascinated by the technique, my mindset was to convey its particular atmosphere, characterized by the contrast between the speed of the city and the slow temporality in which Jan evolves daily. The questioning of time and space within these two dimensions enabled a transmedial approach, as the editorial and digital parts use different entries to our character's intimate world.
002_image divine
Editorial composition of a study tackling the representation of the divine, for the Arch collective exhibition in Nantes
003_dots ballet
The human body is a physical mass in quasi-perpetual motion : it circulates, pauses and constantly generates new trajectories. How can we highlight and emphasize our body language? This project pays questions our moves and attitudes through dance.

» With Camille Barlerin for the performance

Ephemeris is a daily playlist bringing together sight and hearing in order to question the relationship between these two senses through music. Whether the visual investigates the rhythm, the different tones or the physical strengh of the sound, its mostly about the general atmosphere and how we individually feel the music. (work_in_progress)

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005_dessiner, performer
Drawing by being restrained to a repetitive action. I subjected myself to this constraint during this experimentation in order to raise a series of question, such as : How does my arm react to this systematism? When do I drop out? What shape will take the layout on the paper? This study is never-ending as there is no final point. I allow my mind to escape from a conscious attitude and my focus to slip away to enable the hand to proceed independently to its course. I don't aim to create a figurative sign and I don't have any temporal framework. Therefore, it questions my patience and maybe even my ambition.
006_le culte du microsillon
Description text

007_bassin minier
This project was done as part of a workshop seeeking to reenchant the mining basing in the north of France.

» With Camille Barlerin, Quentin Creuzet and Axel Vergeot

008_berlin, isochrones
»They jump, climb, fly. Walls and borders don't mean much, nights and days mean nothing. Roaming the streets like we belong, we do belong. Both permanent purgatory and cheap ass heaven, it's so sweet it outweighs everything else and we love every word that bleeds out, every drop of sweat that leaks. When Gods and thugs sleep, the heathen take over. Everyone upon made king. I know you like hikes but run steady, establish a continuum but start anew. Tomorrow morning, tonight. Who's gonna give the dog a bone? And what happened to the revolution?«

Words by Gabriel Franjou
musique : 1 Akatana / Steeplechase
2 unknown artist

009_vøiceless 5 years
Poster for the 5th anniversary party of Vøiceless in Nantes, september 2016
Internship report with Us Berlin studio in may and june 2015 in Berlin, Germany
This digital installation was made out of the preexisting identity of the ESAAT school Open doors of February 2016.

» With Camille Baouche, Sarah Beauchamps and Bastien Forato

012_les 3 suisses
Tribute to a mail order catalogue of the french company les 3 Suisses, printed in 1984. This project was part of a graphic design workshop.

» With Lucie Meslien, Nérina Denais and Carla Empereur-Cerruti.

013_deux mille seize
Conception of the digital new year greeting card for the ESAAT school of Roubaix, in 2016

Origine is a work around light, the one that reveals, dazzles and wraps us. The main character, whose identity is never perceived, goes on a dreamlike trip thanks to light, to reach his memories, his origin. Riding between shadow and radiance, he manages to introspect to understand the essence if his existence.

» With Bastien Forato