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master's in graphic design
ensaama olivier de serres, paris

design intern
double standards, berlin
5 months

bachelor in graphic design
esaat, roubaix

design intern
us berlin, berlin
2 months

aether soundscapes

Identity and communication of Aether Soundscape, an exhibition which guides the listener through their discovery of ambient music (master’s project).

Using the sound wave as a starting point, this identity reflects the unique traits of this genre: a meditative and atmospheric envelope that produces a mindful experience by stopping time, awaking sensorial curiosity and leading to inner introspection.

space choir

As part of my master’s project, the installation Space Choir accompanies the listener into a state of sonic contemplation by giving them the ability to interact with the scenography. Using a Kinect as a capture tool and an Arduino, the sound and the LEDs respond to the user’s movement.

Confronted with the lack of familiarity in this particular genre that is ambient music, the listener is invited to engage in it using their body within the surrounding space.


Click and drag to look around the video. Best with VR headstet.

Inside is a virtual reality experience which sets an immersive environment that leads to a moment of escape and interiority. By blurring the lines between the physical and virtual, the real and the imaginary, the abstract shapes that are slowly floating around the user suggest that we change our point of view in order to start looking inward.

mémoires '18

Layout and grid conception of the master’s thesis collection. Supervised by Yorel Cayla, this work targeted the 71 graduate students of ensaama school of art and design in 2018.

Group work with Agnès Le Cam and Valentine Priou.

© DSAA 18

selected posters

Various posters for music and cultural events in France.

esoteric dreams

Esoteric dream is a group work with art student Loann Dijan. He creates poetic, mysterious yet glaringly fragile objects out of burned and painted polystyrene. This project grew out of the desire to explore a dialogue between our different techniques and mediums, the handmade and the digital, in order to increase the enigma behind the shapes and to generate mystical landscapes.


Visuals and VJ set for Perlon's 20th anniversary at Funkhaus in Berlin.
© Double Standards


While interning at Double Standards in Berlin, I was in charge of designing a t-shirt for the 50/50 collection, a limited run campaign coordinated by Everpress in London.


The website of music collective Voiceless is online here. I was in charge of the design as well as the coding.

image divine

Editorial composition of an essay on the representation of divine for Arch's group show in Nantes.


As the rate of technological advancement increases with time, easier and more pragmatic ways to live and to consume are developed, especially in the field of music. The internet made it effortless to instantly obtain a record from anywhere in the world. But it also led to a diminishing activity inside the record stores, and eventually the closing of many independent shops.

As part on my bachelor project, I chose to support and advertise the small local retailers in France by designing Rotate, an app that guides the user through the record stores of their city.

les 3 suisses

Tribute to a mail order catalogue by the french company les 3 Suisses, printed in 1984. The video sets in contrast the two distinctive aspects of the company’s activity. On the one side, the colourful and glamorous brand advertising, opposed to the gloomy and mechanical motion at the cloth packing factory.

With Lucie Meslien, assisted by Nérina Denais and Carla Empereur-Cerruti.


"Drawing by being restrained to a repetitive action." This is the constraint I subjected myself to during this experimentation in order to raise a series of question, such as : how does my arm react to this systematism? When will it drop out? What shape will eventually appear on the paper?

With no final point, this study is never-ending. I allow my mind to escape from a conscious attitude and my focus to slip away to enable the hand to proceed independently to its course. I don't aim at creating a figurative sign nor do I have any temporal framework.

Graphic designer based in France, passionate about new technologies in digital art. In addition, I have a strong interest in printed matters, which leads me to work as a freelancer on various communication projects.

I focused my graduation research on creating a sensory and immersive listening experience of ambient music. This process developed my skills with tools such as Arduino, Max/MSP, virtual reality, as well as my ability to create a cross-media visual identity.

With an interest in interdisciplinary design, I’m enthusiastic about working hand in hand with artists from various disciplines, such as craftsmanship, litterature, fashion design, engineering and so forth.